The UQ Energy Initiative was established in 2011 to integrate UQ’s strengths and diversity in energy research. With many government and industry partners, UQ is uniquely placed to understand and address the challenges ahead. UQ’s breadth of experience ranges from engineering, material sciences and mining research, to social policy, economics, and environment. This aligns with the specific challenges facing Australia with its abundant and cost competitive coal and gas resources and an economy that is heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Accordingly, our energy research focuses on transforming traditional energy technologies and systems, while supporting renewable energy technologies and the development of new concepts and emerging solutions. Complementing this technology research, we are developing significant programs mapping social change and the economic and environmental impact of the new energy era.  

A key focus of the UQ Energy Initiative is to facilitate engagement between the university’s best researchers and leaders in industry and government. The priorities of industry and policy makers need to inform and drive UQ energy research programs to make them as effective as possible. 

Energy researchers at UQ are guiding our energy future through scientific discovery and technological innovation.

The UQ Energy Initiative has capabilities across four faculties and six institutes.

This research is carried out at:

Major funded grants, centres and initiatives: