Visit to Shenhua Geological Exploration Co Ltd, China

4 Jul 2014

As a result of Professor Garnett's visit to China, the following report has been published in the Shenua Group Newsletter:

"On the morning of 29 April, invited by Shenhua Geological Exploration Co. Ltd, Professor Andrew Garnett from UQ, accompanied by Professor Xingjing Wang, visited our company to give a talk on 'experiences and lessons on CO2 capture and geostorage from coal fired power plants'. Attending the meeting were Guangyan Kong from the office of Shenua Chief Engineer, Jianming Zhang from the Department of Technology Development, and the Chief Engineer and others from Shenhua Geological Exploration Co Ltd. Professor Wang acted as translator for the talk.

Professor Garnett also provided good advice on Shenhua's CCUS future development. The face to face meeting and interaction with Professor Garnett has been very fruitful, improving our knowledge on CO2 capture and storage in offshore saline acquifers, and will provide useful guidance for the execution of our future CCUS projects.

Zhengwu Zhou, the Chief Engineer of Shenhua Geological Exploration Co Ltd, thanked Professor Garnett on behalf of Shenua, and hoped to have more collaboration with Australia in this area in the future."