ZeroGen IGCC with CCS: A Case History

16 May 2014

ZeroGen IGCC with CCS: A Case History is a compromise between the need to wrap-up and summarise key lessons and experiences and the need to describe the work underpinning these lessons to a level which will satisfy many different groups. The report is derived in large part from the confidential Prefeasibility Study (PFS) augmented when possible with additional material provided by former ZeroGen personnel. It is to the great credit of the co-funders as well as Mitsubishi and Shell that so much PFS material could be released in this way. While the editors have sought to document both project content and to summarise lessons learnt, there will inevitably be too much detail for some, and not enough for others. Nevertheless, the material is just the tip of an iceberg representing well over 100,000 man-hours of study. An extensive reference list is also included and while many of the reports cited are internal and confidential, they are included to further inform readers of the depth of work required to underpin such studies.

It is hoped that readers will recognise the importance of conducting CCS project studies at commercial scale and in real locations. Demonstration-scale projects will not adequately inform the costs and challenges of full-scale deployment, and it is not just storage that raises site-specific challenges.

The book is available in two formats:

  1. Pdf (11.5mb);
  2. E-reader (118.52mb) via Dropbox, please email your request to

The Editors hope that readers find this book a useful resource.


Disclaimer (pg ii):
The 'Editors' of this Case History are together, Professors Andrew Garnett and Chris Greig of The University of Queensland, and Mr Martin Oettinger (now of ACA Low Emissions Technologies (ACALET), and at the time of the Case Study preparation, of The Global CCS Institute).

Acknowledgements (pg iii):
Global CCS Institute Ltd, Martin Oettinger (at the time of the Case Study preparation, the Principal Manager - Carbon Capture, and now Deputy Director, Low Emissions Technologies (ACALET)) was ZeroGen's Process Manager for IGCC and Capture -