IEA 5th Unconventional Gas Forum, 24 February 2017

6 Feb 2017

Key issues covered at this Forum will be of interest to producers of unconventional gas (particularly coalbed methane) and the communities in which they are located, as well as all those with a stake in the outlook for LNG as sellers or buyers.

Opening and welcome addresses 

Remarks by
The Hon. Matthew Canavan (Minister for Natural Resources and Northern Australia)
* Dr Fatih Birol (Executive Director, International Energy Agency)
* Professor Andrew Garnett (Director, Centre for Coal Seam Gas, The University of Queensland)

Session 1
Coalbed methane and unconventional gas in a low-price environment

Session 2
Socio-economic and environmental aspects of coalbed methane

Session 3
From coal seam to LNG: domestic implications 

Session 4
From unconventional gas to LNG: international implications

Summary and conclusions will follow these four sessions

Participation in the UG Forum is by invitation only. Discussions will be informal in nature and conducted under the Chatham House Rule. Each session will have brief introductory presentations from distinguished experts and stakeholders, followed by discussion among participants.

Please email regarding the issuing of an invitation.

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