Energy: a matter of Perseverence

26 Mar 2020
Perseverence (Persy) Moyana
Perseverence (Persy) Moyana

This article was originally published in Small Change magazine.

On board the longest flight I have ever taken in my life from Zimbabwe to Australia 18 months ago, I was reflecting on my life and how I got to this point.

I am Perseverence – Persy for short – and I am 26 years old. I was born and brought up in Harare in Zimbabwe.

Numbers and calculations have always been exciting for me, and maths was my favourite topic in school, so engineering seemed the obvious choice for me. To get the best education my parents could afford, I had to go to Cape Town, South Africa to study my bachelor in engineering.

I am passionate about the environment, and the provision of clean, reliable and sustainable energy for all.

One day I came across an ad for the Master of Sustainable Energy (MSE) online, while looking for opportunities to further my education.

So, I applied to The University of Queensland because of its world-class reputation and there was also the added advantage of my brother already studying in Brisbane. And I got accepted.

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