Business Case for Behind-the-Meter Battery Storage

9 Jun 2020

For those that were unable to tune into the webinar (or those who would like to revisit the content), we are pleased to share this link with you -

During the webinar,  over 90 questions were received from the audience. While we only had time to answer a small portion of these live, we’ve collated the remaining questions and published the answers on our website. Browse through these here:

The team enjoyed sharing our experience – both the successes, and learning opportunities – and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received about the report.  It’s time now for us to focus on getting back to the day-to-day activities and working on the next stage of our ‘Gensumer’ journey.

We look forward to sharing further learnings in future annual reports on the battery’s performance. Until then, keep an eye on the dashboard!