Meet Alexandra, a UQ Sustainable Energy Scholar

29 March 2023

Meet Alexandra Lucero, a Sustainable Energy scholar and woman on a mission in sustainable energy. Here she shares her career journey and encourages you to trust yourself, follow your aspirations and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Currently pursuing her Master of Sustainable Energy (Management) program, Alexandra has dedicated her career to renewable energy. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and worked in hydropower generation at the start of her career, before moving to Norway to study a Master’s in Power Electric Engineering.

Alexandra's career opened opportunities to live and work in Germany, Australia, and Norway, and in 2022, she packed her bags again and headed to Brisbane to study at UQ.  

“I describe myself as a woman on a mission. I have dedicated my entire career to renewable energy, and I have carefully chosen the companies where I want to put my skills to use. I am in a profession that is mainly driven by men, and I have succeeded by trusting my qualifications, skills and vision”, she says. 

Alexandra Lucero
Originally from Ecuador, Alexandra Lucero considers herself a citizen of the world. She knew she wanted to be an engineer since the age of seven.

With the MSE(Man), Alexandra wants to combine her technical skills and prepare companies to manage the transition to sustainable energy. 

“Joining this program will help me to continue expanding my career to be a leader and make an impact in the energy sector. The material is well organised and updated, and the teaching team are preparing us for the challenges in the coming years.”

The power of networking

Networking events are an integrated part of the Sustainable Energy programs to offer ways for students to connect with industry and alumni. Students can pitch project ideas and seek potential job opportunities while industry partners look for their next employee or intern equipped with the latest knowledge in the rapidly evolving renewable energy sector. Alexandra took advantage of all the opportunities she encountered right from the start of her program.

Alexandra with fellow students, alumni and staff from the Sustainable Energy programs at UQ.
Alexandra with fellow Sustainable Energy students, staff and alumni at the 2022 Hydrogen Connect Summit in Brisbane.

“During my first semester, I was involved in many activities at UQ, including volunteering in on-campus and external events. I signed up to participate in the Hydrogen Connect Summit as a volunteer and I successfully applied for a sponsorship from Arup to attend The Solar large-scale Summit. I have a huge inspiration to learn about the energy sector in Australia and joining these events in the industry has been one of the best learning opportunities. I am currently enrolled in a Student Staff Partnership Program, and I have joined several UQ clubs, EA, etc. I use every opportunity to network in and outside UQ.”

Her advice to fellow and future students is to be open and not limit yourself:

“I love what I do and I do what I love. When you have a big aspiration, the rest of the road is fun. Never limit your dreams and don’t worry about lacking experience, resources, opportunities, or time. Once you set your compass and find your big ‘Why,’ the rest will follow. And the most important thing is to enjoy the journey.”

UQ Sustainable Energy Scholarship open for applications

The University of Queensland is offering two partial tuition fee scholarships for international candidates to study the Master of Sustainable Energy/Master of Sustainable Energy (Management) in Semester 2 2023. Applications close 11 June 2023.

Learn more and apply here