Paul Liddell, Chief Technology Officer, Redback Technologies
"Batteries are Half the Answer"

James Lindley, Group Manager, Systems Capability, Australian Energy Market AEMO (substituting for Dr Nilesh Modi)
"Battery Storage in the NEM"

Stephen Richardson, Senior Technology Innovation Engineer, Ergon Energy
"Energy Queensland’s Experience Using Battery Storage to Support Network Supply"

An audio recording of the presentations is available here


Paul Liddell
Paul is one of the founders of Redback Technologies, Queensland's own smart inverter company. Apart from 8 years in the renewables industry, Paul spent 9 years in Seattle working for Microsoft, and has degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Nilesh Modi (substituted by Mr James Lindley)
At AEMO, Nillesh has worked across various teams including National Planning, Electricity Market Operations and Systems Capability. He has worked on various key projects/documents published by AEMO, namely the review of the South Australian (SA) system black event, system strength assessments for South Australia, the review of under-frequency load shedding design for SA, the system integrity protection scheme for SA, system strength requirements and the inertia requirements methodology. He has been involved in investigating system incidents that have resulted in large disruptions across the National Electricity Market (NEM). Nilesh received his PhD from The University of Queensland, where he was awarded the Dean’s Excellence Award for RHD Excellence. Nilesh is a senior member of the IEEE and also an Adjunct Research Fellow at The University of Queensland, Australia.

Stephen Richardson
Stephen is working on enabling new technologies to support Queensland energy users. One of his most significant roles has been as project director for the Grid Utility Support System (GUSS) – the deployment of 2 mega-watt hours of grid connected battery systems across rural Queensland in 13 locations. He has worked for over 10 years on utility scale energy storage integration and standalone power systems for large and small communication sites. Stephen has a strong engineering knowledge coupled with an extensive data science and analytics mindset to delivery data driven designs and system monitoring solutions.


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