The conference provided business and community leaders, researchers, policy makers and members of the public with an insight into the grand challenges facing us as we move forward and embrace our energy future.

From emissions reduction constraints, the carbon budget and low-emission technologies to electricity pricing, energy security and energy access, the event considered the big issues impacting not only Australia but the world. 

In addition to our UQ Energy Experts, the UQ Energy Initiative was pleased to welcome a number of guest speakers, including:

  • Mr Ian Cronshaw, Consultant to the Office of the Chief Economist at the International Energy Agency
  • Dr Ron Loveland, Energy Advisor to the Welsh Government
  • Mr Robert Pritchard, Executive Director of the Energy Policy Institute of Australia
  • Mr Tony Wood, Energy Program Director at Grattan Institute. 

After a range of presentations exploring the challenges we face and showcasing the breadth of expertise across UQ, the one-day event concluded with a hypothetical discussion on energy and climate policy trends. Featuring business, research and community leaders, the panel was taken through a range of hypothetical scenarios exploring policy choices and implications for governments, businesses and households. It was a memorable trip into the future as our experts discussed and debated the potential ramifications of our current and future energy choices.

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The 2014 World Energy Outlook – update and key trends
Ian Cronshaw, Consultant to the Office of the Chief Economist at the International Energy Agency

Good energy policies and the importance of effective public engagement
Dr Ron Loveland, Energy Advisor to the Welsh Government

Australian energy policy formulation in 2014 – an independent view
Robert Pritchard, Executive Director, Energy Policy Institute of Australia

Meeting the two degrees scenario – the trajectory and emissions reduction constraints 
Professor Andrew Garnett, Director of the Centre for Coal Seam Gas (UQ)

Increasing solar PV efficiency using sustainable high-tech materials – molecules to megawatts
Professor Paul Meredith, Director of UQ Solar, Global Change Institute (UQ)

Advanced nuclear technology – low cost, low carbon, power generation for competitive industries
Professor Eric McFarland, Director, Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation (UQ)

Energy affordability – where to from here?
Tony Wood, Energy Program Director, Grattan Institute

Energy security – contributions from agriculture to biofuel and biomaterial production
Professor Robert Henry, Director, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (UQ)

Energy and communication – what does the Australian public think about all things energy?
Peta Ashworth, Adjunct Associate Professor of Sociology, School of Social Science (UQ)

Energy poverty – the forgotten dimension of the energy trilemma
Professor Chris Greig, Director, UQ Energy Initiative (UQ)

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