Topics will include:

  • Next generation low emissions technologies (e.g. oxy-fuel, gasification, chemical looping, direct carbon fuel cells)
  • Biomass and solid waste conversion technologies including waste-to-energy and hybrid systems (e.g. biofuels and bioenergy including co-utilisation with conventional fuels)
  • C1 (conversion chemistry and processes (e.g. natural gas reforming, syngas to fuels & chemicals, CO2 utilisation)
  • Coal-based conversion chemistry and technologies (e.g. liquefaction, pyrolysis, gasification)
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)(e.g. advanced capture technology and geological storage), and
  • Production and Applications for high value carbon and coke materials (e.g. coke, activated carbon, carbon nanotubes, graphene, soil conditioning).

Stamford Plaza conference accommodation

Full Registration - $650
Student Concession - $350

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