1.  Does coal have a future?


2.  Renewable energy - how far can we go?


3.  Providing energy security and reliability without coal


  • Andrew Garnett (Director of the Centre for Coal Seam Gas, The University of Queensland) Context presentation "The current mix, age and retirements - choices to be made", and Simon Bartlett AM FTSE (Australian Chair in Electricity Transmission, The University of Queensland) "A clever combination? Enhanced grid connectivity + pumped hydro storage + maximum use of flexible gas" gave a joint presentation that can be viewed here.
  • Adi Paterson FTSE (CEO of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) "Small modular reactors - a new nuclear option"



  • Alan Finkel AO AA FTSE (Australian Chief Scientist) "How to optimise Australia's energy market"; and
  • Audrey Zibelman (CEO, Australian Energy Market Operator - AEMO) "Securing Australia's energy future"


"Will we be able to afford to keep the lights on?
What’s Australia’s energy crisis all about?"

1. Energy - yesterday, today and tomorrow


  • ​​Joel Gilmore (Principal, Market Policy and Development, Australian Energy Market Operator - AEMO) "What's the real deal with battery storage"

Summary: With Tesla promising to deliver South Australia the world’s biggest battery (in 100 days, or it’s free!), there has been a lot of discussion on the future of battery storage. In this session, Joel will present a crash course in energy storage: how batteries provide value to the grid, how South Australia’s new battery will be used, and what batteries can and can’t do for Australia’s electricity grids. He’ll also share some of the world leading work that AEMO is doing to integrate batteries into Australia’s rapidly changing grid – and try to answer any questions you might have!

Summary: Australia’s electricity system is rapidly transforming. Growing renewable generation, the rise of distributed energy systems, and transformative consumer technologies will all lead to a future grid that operates very differently to the present. But how exactly will it be different? How do our operational practices need to change and adapt?  What do we need to do now, to ensure this transformation happens smoothly? This presentation will illuminate the practical challenges that will arise as our grid transforms, and the work underway to address those challenges.

2. Energy in the world – what you need to know


  • Chris Greig (Director, UQ Energy Initiative, and Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation, The University of Queensland), and
  • Simon Smart (Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland)

Both Chris and Simon will present on ​​​"Energy 101"

Summary: Energy - How have we used it in the past? How do we use it now? Who has access and who doesn’t? This presentation will cover the global picture of energy today – the fundamentals and the important numbers when it comes to energy in the world

Enquiries: uqenergy@uq.edu.au


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