Dr Yan Sun (Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences); and
Professor Peta Ashworth (Chair in Sustainable Energy Futures, The University of Queensland)

"Comparing public attitudes to energy technologies in China and Australia: Evidence from large-scale surveys"

An audio recording is available here (60 minutes duration)

China, as the world’s second largest economy, has a huge demand for energy and is responsible for releasing large volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. At the same time, China's climate policies and measures for energy savings and emissions reduction can significantly impact global action on climate change mitigation. In this context, understanding the attitude of Chinese residents to emissions reduction has never been more important. Similarly, while Australia’s emissions are small on the global scale, as a large exporter of fossil fuels Australia’s impact on global carbon emissions does not go unnoticed. In this research we share the results of a comparative survey undertaken across Australia and China in 2017. The survey about public attitudes to the range of energy generation technologies was completed by 1354 Chinese urban residents across six regions and 2507 Australians across all States and Territories. Each lead researcher will first share individual results arising from their own country. The presentation will then provide more details about comparisons across the two countries and the broader public’s preferred carbon mitigation strategies.

Yan Sun
Peta Ashworth


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2018 Events Schedule
Month Date Guest Speaker Topic Venue
February Thursday 15th Dr Sun Yan (Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), and Professor Peta Ashworth (The University of Queensland) Comparing public attitudes to energy technologies in China and Australia: Evidence from large-scale surveys Sir Llew Edwards Auditorium (14-212)
March Wednesday 7th Emeritus Professor Will Steffen (Climate Change Institute, Australian National University, and Senior Fellow of the Stockholm Resilience Centre) The Anthropocene: Where on earth are we going? AEB Auditorium (49-200)
May Wednesday 23rd Hannah Daly (IEA), Dr Tony Heynen and Mr Yuwan Malakar (UQ Energy & Poverty Research Group)

Delivering universal energy access for 2030 - the IEA's energy for all case

The Grid is Coming: Opportunities and threats for private sector off-grid electricity distribution in Maharashtra and Odisha, India

Cooking clean or watching television? Studying household decision-making context and cooking fuel transition in rural India

AEB Auditorium (49-200)
June Thursday 21st Dr Kathy Witt What's happening in the gasfields towns? Sir Llew Edwards Auditorium (14-212)
July   No seminar this month    
August   No seminar this month    
September Thursday 6th     AEB Auditorium (49-200)
October Tuesday 30th Tim Dixon (IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program) Update on CCUS in the Global Climate Scene Abel Smith Lecture Theatre (23-101)