Professor Andrew Garnett (Director, UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas, and Director of the UQ CCS Program)
Mr Tim Dixon ( Program Manager for the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program)

Professor Garnett (setting context) - Carbon Capture & Storage @ UQ
Mr Tim Dixon - Update on CCUS in the Global Climate Scene

An audio recording of the presentation is available here (60 minutes duration)

Tim is the Programme Manager for the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program (IEAGHG). He is responsible for managing the R&D program, ensuring that IEAGHG activities provide the technical evidence-base to support Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) development and deployment, including the IEAGHG technical studies, Research Networks, GHGT Conferences, and Summer Schools, and for inputting evidence-base to international regulatory and policy developments. Tim is chair of several international committees on CCS, including the GHGT Conference series’ Technical Programme Committee, the IEAGHG Monitoring Network, and the Offshore CCS Workshop Series. He sits on advisory committees for several CCS R,D&D projects. Tim is also a Director on the Board for The International CCS Knowledge Centre in Regina, Canada, and was a founding Board Member of the UK CCS Research Centre. He is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas in Austin, and an Honorary Lecturer at the School of Geosciences at University of Edinburgh. Tim has a BSc in Applied Physics and an MBA, and is a member of the UK Institute of Physics, UK Energy Institute, UK Environmental Law Association, and an expert reviewer for IPCC.

This talk introduced and provided and provide updates on the role of CCUS in achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement for greenhouse gas emission reductions in the context of sustainable development, with technical aspects which need addressing for the longer term. Significant global developments and learnings from CCUS policies and projects were covered.

Tim Dixon


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