Mr Bruce Wilson (Principle Advisor for Radioactive Waste and Resource Policy Issues, Department of Industry and Science), and UQ Adjunct Professor

The Australian Government's National Resources Policy Statement

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The Australian resources and mining, engineering, technology and services (METS) industries are the cornerstone of Australia’s recent economic success and, in many regional areas, underpin our way of life. The industry is one of the most advanced in the economy providing an enormous social and economic dividend which includes well-paid, long lived jobs for hundreds of thousands of Australians. But it is a sector that faces growing environmental and social challenges. If these are not successfully addressed they could limit our future success.

The National Resources Statement sets out the government’s policy and long-term reform agenda for the Australian resources sector. It includes a 5 point action plan to:

  • deliver the most globally attractive and competitive investment destination for resources projects;
  • open up new industries and resources regions;
  • better focus the sector’s innovation, research and development on long-term, sectoral growth;
  • develop and retain the world’s best workforce;
  • deliver better outcomes for stronger and more engaged communities.

This strategic long-term approach aims to position Australia’s resources sector as the world’s most advanced, innovative and successful. Resources Ministers within the Council of Australian Governments have also endorsed a work-plan based on the Statement which will be developed by governments working with industry, academia and civil society.

Bruce is currently the Principal Advisor for Radioactive Waste and Resource policy issues in the Department of Industry. For the past four years he has held the position of Head of Division (Resources) in the department being responsible for oversighting the development and regulation of Australia’s offshore petroleum and minerals industry along with policy advice for on shore minerals and energy. He has been responsible for delivery on a wide set of issues, including east coast gas regulation, Timor-Leste and joint petroleum resource development and the recent Resources 2030 Task Force and National Policy Statement.

In 2013 he held the position of Executive Director at the Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics (BREE) and previously led secretariats for the 2012 Energy White Paper and the Policy Transition Group for the Minerals Resources Taxation Arrangements.

In the period before this he worked across energy and climate change policy, most notably in the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Emissions Trading and as a lead negotiator on technology and innovation issues in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). He has also worked in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet on industry and innovation policy issues. Mr Wilson has also worked in several industry associations on climate and business tax issues.


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