Researcher biography

A/Prof Kazuhiro Nogita’s research interests are in: working on lead-free solders, hydrogen storage alloys and structural Al-Si alloys. The unifying theme throughout his research career has been the development of environmentally sustainable materials solutions for conventional and alternative electronic, transport and power industries.

Dr Nogita graduated as an Engineer in Japan in 1990 and worked in the nuclear power industry with Hitachi Ltd. for several years. He was awarded a PhD from Kyushu University in 1997 and has subsequently worked on a variety of research projects, including the development of materials for alternative power industries and environmentally friendly applications. He migrated to Australia in 1999 after accepting a position at the University of Queensland, where he currently holds the title of Associate Professor and Director of the Nihon Superior Centre for the Manufacture of Electronic Materials (NS CMEM) within the School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering. He is also an invited Professor at Kyushu University.

Currently, the majority of Dr Nogita’s research is in two major areas, namely lead-free solders for electronic applications and metal based hydrogen-storage alloys. He holds several international patents and has authored over 120 refereed scientific papers. His research has been acknowledged with several awards/fellowships, including Queensland Government Smart Futures Fellowship and he has been instrumental in the establishment of a spin-off company, Hydrexia Pty. Ltd.