Researcher biography

Andrew Garnett is Professor and Director of the UQ Centre for Natural Gas (as well as Director of the UQ CCS Program). The Centre for CSG includes all the main CSG-LNG project proponents and aims to be a leading provider of technical and social science research services in this unconventional sector.

A former Shell and Schlumberger executive, Andrew has over 25 years’ world-wide experience with oil majors in conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon exploration, appraisal and development projects. 

Prior to joining The University of Queensland, Andrew consulted widely on unconventional developments, most notably those with high GHG emissions footprints and worked on the 500MW, 60 MT ZeroGen IGCC & CCS Project as manager for Carbon Transport and Storage and ultimately as CEO and Project Director.

Further, Andrew is Project Director of the UQ Surat Deep Aquifer Appraisal Project (UQ-SDAAP), which is a 3-year project related to climate change mitigation. The scientific research project aims to better inform public debate and policy makers on whether or not large-scale CCS could be a real option in Queensland, and it will also increase general groundwater understanding in the Surat Basin.