Researcher biography

Tony is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in the energy and resources sector in developing country settings, including as Country Manager for Italian energy giant Eni in Timor-Leste.   

Tony commenced his PhD with the UQ Energy & Poverty Research Group in January 2014.  The main focus of his research is on understanding the business case for energy-induced poverty alleviation, via private sector investment in the energy distribution in “base of the pyramid” marketplaces.  His research project is examining “shared value” concepts within this setting, including corporate social responsibility propositions that can develop markets and contribute to economic development and poverty alleviation, whilst also providing an eventual return on investment. The enabling function of energy as a substantive domain that can promote prosperity in host communities is being examined via the development of conceptual models and the examination of corporate trends in the Indian energy market.
Tony graduated with his PhD in 2018. His Supervisors were Professor Chris Greig, Professor Paul Lant, Dr Simon Smart and Associate Professor Srinivas Sridharan.