Researcher biography

Estelle is an environmental scientist with a background in Geographical Information System. Estelle has a diverse work history; she started out in energy consulting throughout France and Switzerland, before moving to Australia where she worked on water management and biodiversity conservation at The University of Queensland. Whilst working for the latter, Estelle realised the potential of applying spatial optimisation approaches (widely used in conservation) to solve energy related problems.

As of April 2015, Estelle is a PhD scholar with both the EPRG and CarbonLab. During her PhD, Estelle hopes to explore the potential of spatially optimising energy sources to contribute to the sustainable development of impoverished regions. Her research interests include integrating environmental and social reporting into energy strategies, and evaluating the real economic or ‘levelised’ cost of energy sources.

Supervisors: Dr Paul Dargusch and Professor Paul Lant