Researcher biography

Professor Peta Ashworth is UQ Chair in Sustainable Energy Futures and has responsibility for the Master of Sustainable Energy. She is well known for her expertise in the energy field with research focuses on understanding public attitudes to climate change and energy technologies (wind, CCS, solar PV, geothermal) for climate mitigation.

Peta co-authored the CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook to help Australian householders save money and reduce their overall energy use, and she has an interest in designing processes for engaging on complex and contested issues with a focus on science and technology innovations. She was awarded an EU Horizon 2020 research project - Responsible Research and Innovation Practice (RRI – Practice) - which aims to explore the drivers and barriers to the successful implementation of RRI practice in a global context.

The UQ Surat Deep Aquifer Appraisal Project (UQ-SDAAP) under the UQ Energy Initiative aims to assess whether or not CCS could be a real option in Queensland in terms of future energy choices, and as Social Science Program Director, Peta is investigating the role of social media in CCS information and dialogue in the public.

She is based in the School of Chemical Engineering.