Energy and Poverty Research Group

At UQ a transdisciplinary group investigates how energy access and poverty alleviation are interconnected in developing contexts.

UQ Solar Array

UQ's array is one of only 31 CPV tracking panels in Australia.

Clean Coal Technology

UQ has one of the largest critical mass of engineers and scientists in Australia working in the clean energy delivery area, including a large concentration of internationally recognized researchers in low emission coal technology.

Mine Rehabilitation

Successful rehabilitation is commonly associated with the successful establishment of vegetation. Storage and accumulation of plant carbon (also green carbon) is used as a comparative parameter for the assessment of success of re-vegetation.

Monitoring social impacts of the mining industry

The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) is a leading research centre, committed to improving the social performance of the resources industry globally. Their main objective is to manage change in more effective ways.

Sustainable Power Economy

The objective of this project will be to consolidate and extend this theoretical literature on research joint ventures and technological licensing, as it is applied to innovation in emissions reducing technology in the energy industry.

Water-Energy-Carbon Research Group

The Water-Energy-Carbon Group group conducts research and teaching regarding water, energy and greenhouse gas flows influenced by water in cities.