Engage with our energy students for industry innovation

    Work with our Master of Sustainable Energy students to support and develop your organisation's energy transition - via student projects or internships

    We are always looking for new industry partners to collaborate with our students, especially in connection with placements. The students add value to the companies they work with in bringing in up-to-date knowledge and tools acquired from leading energy experts during their MSE courses. Likewise, our students benefit from working directly with industry and are very keen to get practical experience.

    Get involved in our students' Professional Projects

    MSE students are required to complete a Professional Project in their chosen field in their final semester, equivalent to six months of study. They select a real-world issue or topic they have a special interest in, ideally with a suitable industry partner. Some recent project examples are:

    • Stakeholder perceptions of an Arrow Energy community engagement activity – A case study of the Heart of Australia Program
    • A pre-feasibility analysis of using feedlot manure for biogas production as a result of an energy audit for the Australian Agricultural Company
    • Lady Elliot Island Sustainable Energy System: Towards a 100% renewable energy generation

    If you have energy projects in the pipeline or already developing where you think that a student would fit in perfectly in sharing their skill set and knowledge, please connect with us for a discussion on how a collaboration could look like.

    Benefit from tomorrow's 360-degree energy leaders

    Today, the planning, implementation and evaluation of energy initiatives need multidisciplinary energy leaders who can apply their knowledge to the many facets of energy. Be it matters of law, efficiency, transport, finance, policy, innovation or economics, etc., all businesses need to know their way around energy issues and projects as the world transitions to a sustainable energy future.

    This is how we educate our students - to be key drivers of change. Courses are taught by leading, internationally renowned energy experts from academia and industry:

    The skill set of our graduates has been guided by an Advisory Board composed of representatives from private and government sectors. Our students have the theoretical and practical knowledge to pursue energy transition with a key focus on commercial acumen, critical thinking and communication.

    Our students are keen to work with industry and government on real-life projects in further developing and testing their skills.

    Contact us for more information

    If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities to work with our master students or you have a specific project in mind, please get in touch with us:

    Dr Tony Heynen, Senior Lecturer & MSE Program Coordinator 
    Email: a.heynen@uq.edu.au
    Phone: +61 7 336 54795

    Get in touch

    “We gained real value from having one of the UQ Master of Sustainable Energy students in our team. Given the alignment of her studies and skillset with our energy transition work, it was very easy to integrate her professional project into one of our tasks. I think the strongest endorsement of our experience with the UQ Master of Sustainable Energy professional project is that we went on to hire her on a permanent basis!"

    Paul Gleeson
    Managing Director - Energy, Resources & Water, Aurecon