Are you looking for a short qualification to update your skills for the energy transition? The Graduate Certificate will provide you with a flexible solution for your next career move, studying at a university in the world’s top 50.

Open to students from different professional and learning backgrounds (biannual intake), courses are run in week-intensive blocks that allow for flexible learning and employment. The cohorts are a mature mix of domestic and international students, and you will be exposed to direct industry contact via lectures, networking events and field trips.

The duration of the program is one semester (full-time). If you are a domestic student, you also have the option to study part-time for more flexibility.  

Why study the Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Energy?

The transition to a low-carbon energy future will require employees to have a range of different skills and knowledge. Our multidisciplinary program will update your expertise in energy, climate change and sustainability. The courses are taught by Australia's leading and internationally renowned sustainable energy experts.

Choose one of two different fields

You can choose a combination of courses related to two fields of study: Carbon Management, which takes a business-focused approach to the energy industry, and Low Carbon Solutions, which takes an engineering and technology-focused approach.

Completion of the Graduate Certificate also provides a pathway to the Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Energy, the Master of Sustainable Energy and the Master of Sustainable Energy (Management).

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Career opportunities

Graduates with the skills and expertise offered in this program are in high demand as Australia along with the rest of the world is transitioning to a new energy future. This requires employees who can work and communicate across disciplines and cultures – at a local, regional, national and international level.

During your studies, you will also have access to a number of career resources offered by our Faculty Employability Team. You may attend industry presentations, book appointments with our career consultants and take part in employability workshops and so forth.

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Further information

For further information on what you can study, entry requirements and how to apply, view the Future Students website

For enquiries, please contact:

Dr Tony Heynen
Program Coordinator & Senior Lecturer
Tel: +61 7 3365 4795

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I run a small environmental consultancy, primarily servicing the resources and heavy engineering sectors. Completing the Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Energy gave me a broad understanding of the concepts, terminology and assessment methods associated with emissions management, energy systems and sustainable energy. 

This knowledge has allowed me to sieve through the constant flood of energy-related information as the societal drive for lower greenhouse gas emissions impacts an increasing range of industry sectors. I can now determine what is relevant or significant and advise my clients accordingly. On a personal level, I found it both a rewarding and challenging experience. And I enjoyed the mix of remote learning and close interaction with a culturally and professionally diverse group of students and staff.

Lachlan Crawford, graduate